Simple alternative to product analytics.

Using product analytics feels like being a deer caught in the headlights. Bucket is cutting scope and focusing on features. Take good care of your features, and the product will take care of itself.

Bucket is the simplest way to measure, who’s using your key features, and how often.

Hold here to toggle matrix view... Great for planning!
New home for your features :)
“Which are my top features?”
“Who’s using my key features?”
“Are users coming back after first try?”

This report is all you need.

The feature engagement report gives you all the information you need to determine, if your feature is succcessful or not. And, it works out of the box with zero configuration.

See how many companies have adopted this feature, how often they use it, and if some companies are slipping away.

Oh, it'll also let you know, if the event tracking is working as it should.

Trust the data. Are events still tracking this as they should?
Who's using this feature? Click through to see companies.
Companies use this feature weekly. Simple.

Segment your customers.

Most features aren't meant for all of your users. One feature might be critical for onboarding new users, another for retaining larger customers. When looking at feature engagement, it's crucial to filter the audience to the relevant users.

Bucket has powerful customer segmentation built in. Easily create custom segments and measure feature engagement per segment.

For example, an "Active customer segment" could be companies that have monthly_spend greater than 0 and used the created card feature in the past 30 days.

To learn more, read our Getting started guide.

Filter on any custom attribute
Create custom segments, like "Active users", "Customers", "Large teams" and so on.

Hi! I'm Rasmus.

I'm the founder of Bucket. I've been building SaaS products for 10+ years. Recently, I was the founder of Opbeat, an Application Performance Monitoring company. Opbeat was acquired by Elastic where I worked as Sr. Director of Product Management. In September 2020, I started working on Bucket. It's bootstrapped and independent. I hope you like it!

The SaaS product lifecycle.

All SaaS products have leaks. For example, not all signups become active users. Not all active users become paying customers. Users adopt a feature, but abondon it quickly.

Bucket helps you identify the biggest feature leak in your product, so that you can resolve it. Sometimes a feature needs another iteration, or to be re-designed, or to be explained better, or sometimes it just needs to be removed.

When you've resolved the biggest leak, repeat the process.